San Diego Transmission Replacement

Need an Auto Transmission Replacement?

We at ATS Transmission & Auto Service are proud to offer expert transmission replacement among our many services. This repair requires the attention of a skilled mechanic who will get it right the first time around. A cheap transmission fix will simply keep you driving on borrowed time. With more than 25 years of solid experience behind us, you can trust our abilities to replace your car’s transmission.

Some signs that it may be time to replace your transmission include:

  • Trouble switching between gears
  • Badly smelling car exhaust
  • Engine knocking noises

Not sure what is happening under the hood of your car? We can help you determine if it is time for a new transmission or if your transmission simply needs to be repaired. If you are a military member, we offer a $150 discount for transmission rebuilds! Let us help you get your vehicle back into tip top shape so that you can get back on the road.

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We Can Help Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Once your transmission has been replaced, our work doesn’t end there. We can also provide you with regular maintenance in order to increase the life of your vehicle. Why is regular maintenance so important? Regular maintenance allows us to identify any potential issues before they become costly and extensive repairs.

For San Diego transmission repairs, turn to our team!

Transmission replacement, although time-consuming and costly, should not be delayed. Don’t keep driving your vehicle when something is clearly wrong with the transmission. Sooner or later, your transmission will blow out and it will need to be replaced. We offer our free towing services to customers (with a major repair), within a certain radius.

For the trustworthy and skilled transmission replacement services you need, call us as soon as possible.

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